You are what you eat… is a great website that I use to monitor my daily intake of food.  As a beginner bodybuilder, I have learned that proper diet is more important than how much weight you throw around when it comes to long term growth.  This website makes it very easy to see exactly how many calories you’re putting in your body and where they are coming from.

The oldschool way of doing this is pen and paper and looking up the nutritional information for everything you eat. has created a huge database of foods with nutritional information and even allows for you to create custom foods if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Granted the software is a little slow (especially on my poor connection), and the other features (Bodyfat calculator and Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator are embarrasingly inaccurate, but for calorie and nutrition tracking, nothing is easier!

Here are a few screenshots from my personal diet:




One Response to “You are what you eat…”

  1. This is excellent Joe, thank you very much for that link. It’s funny because I was just thinking yesterday how annoying it is that I could tell someone the points on food (ala Weight Watchers) but was damned if I could tell them the calories and fat etc… Just adding to the ‘follow us and do what we say’ wrangle they have going on I suppose.
    Great site and I really admire your view on body building. My brother is a professional body builder and he feels the same way you do… Doing it for the long term will ensure you don’t turn into some insane fat sod in a coupe of years.

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