Robots Make Decision on What to Kill

Robots are on a role this week (what up zombies??), scoring another point in the race towards world domination.

Robot airplane drones will be deciding which of us to put in their cross hairs within the next 40 years, according the US Air Force’s Report “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047.” [warning: link is a pdf]

…advances in AI will enable systems to make combat decisions and act within legal and policy constraints without necessarily requiring human input.

That means, without any input from a pilot in the cockpit or engineer behind a joystick, robots will be taking lives… discrimately, at least.

Programming of the drone will be based on “human intent,” with real actual humans monitoring the execution, while retaining the authority and ability to override the system. It’s all still extremely vague, with literally no details on exactly how this drone will come into existence, but we do know this: the Air Force plans to have these dudes operational by 2047. We’re just holding out to see what those “classified” pages are all about.

Authority and ability, for now at least… Someone call Jessica Beil!  This sounds like the plot of Stealth!  I guess seeing Jessica in the flight suit again is almost worth a robot apocalypse!



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