Stop hiding your Pr0n from your woman!

According to (I know… you can STFU!) women are getting hot to the dirty stuff nowadays too.  (I mean “hot” literally… see below).

In a 2006 study at McGill University, researchers monitored genital temperature changes to measure sexual arousal and found that, when shown porn clips, men and women alike began displaying arousal within 30 seconds; men reached maximum arousal in about 11 minutes, women in about 12…

Who exactly was attaching those sensors I wonder… hmm?  Anyways, I’m not suprised by this.  The only reason most women will pretend to be offended by porn is because it is what they have been taught is socially acceptable.

When everyone tells you that what you might be curious about, or even secretly like, is wrong, bad, sleazy, and shameful, you don’t have to cast a line very far to land a set of inhibitions.

Yeah, thats totally what I said…

So go ahead and try enjoying your “favorite movie” with your better half next time.  Just get something a little more tasteful that Buffy the Vampire Layer



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