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The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers

August 24, 2009

I swear I am not on an anti-Facebook crusade here, but I just found this article on CNN and I had to share it.  I’m going to shamelessly copy the 12 types here because, fankly, I can’t say it better: The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. “I’m waking up.” “I had Wheaties for breakfast.” “I’m bored at work.” […]

Dear Facebook, I Hate You

August 23, 2009

Like pretty much all college grads and students (now pretty much even kindergartners) I’ve been on facebook for years now. I signed up for the same reason everyone else did… Because fucking everyone else had an account already. Why I ever caved in, I have no idea. Hell, I managed to not jump off any […]