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You are what you eat…

July 27, 2009 is a great website that I use to monitor my daily intake of food.  As a beginner bodybuilder, I have learned that proper diet is more important than how much weight you throw around when it comes to long term growth.  This website makes it very easy to see exactly how many calories you’re […]


July 26, 2009

So, I often have large quantities of time to kill and lately I have been accomplishing this by revisiting the Maxis game Spore.  I played through it pretty quickly when it first came out and then moved on to other games.  A few days ago I popped it back in and gave it another try. […]

Get Motivated to Work Out!

July 26, 2009

Since I started my deployment, I decided that I would take this time away from home to change myself for the better.  I wanted to start working out and seeing results.  I had never been to a gym before and had no idea what I was doing.  I really didn’t want to waste my time […]